Brain Well-Being - The Power of Neuroprotection for Brain Health

Neuroprotection is the buzz in brain research because it implies an ability to preserve cell structure and function that has the potential to influence the course of a plethora of afflictions. Neuroprotective agents are commonly thought to be capable of supporting brain health and well-being. Some dietary supplements are neuroprotective agents with differing neurobiological activity in brain cells.

The brain is the organ of thinking. Brain cells consist of neurons and glia that are responsible for thought transmission and connectivity. Brain tissue is comprised of blood vessels, grey and white matter. Bony structures form the skull.

                                                               Brain cells, called neurons can be viewed under an electronmicroscope

A nerve cell in the brain is called a neuron

Brain health is critical to support the work of the brain which is cognition and social functioning. This maintains healthy thoughts, emotions, mood, speech, movement, behavior, memory, perception, insight, judgement important to mental health. BRAIN WELL-BEING by opti-MY-WISE life is a supplement for promoting brain health.