Answers to questions - opti-MY-WISE life®

  • Are these products suitable for healthy people? Yes. However they are more effective for people when their cells are under stress.
  • Can I stock pile this product? The product has a shelf life of 2 years.
  • What countries do you ship to? Currently the United States, New Zealand and Australia.
  • I live remotely, can I still receive the product? If you have a mail box or PO Box that is not covered by Sendle then Australia Post is your better shipping option.
  • Is opti-MY-WISE life® FDA approved? Yes under a reciprocal arrangement
  • COVID 19 questions:

1. Tarek: 'Should all healthcare workers be taking the Chronic Pain product to help them through the long hours on their feet during COVID-19?'

2. Samuel: 'Would the Brain Well-Being product be useful for the chronic nerve and neurological changes being experienced by some people post COVID-19 as it helps nerve health?'

Response from opti-MY-WISE life: Thank you Tarek and Samuel for your questions. These questions have arisen from the USA COVID19 experience. Fortunately, here in Queensland, Australia we have not experienced COVID19 in large numbers to be in a position to test these ideas.

Could the Brain Well-Being product by opti-MY-WISE life be useful for multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease or ALS?

Response from opti-MY-WISE life: According to Nitika Jaiswal. Protective effect of Flavonoids in Multiple Sclerosis. Journal of Scientific and Innovative Research 2013;2(3):509-511 the active ingredient of opti-MY-WISE life has a potential role as an inhibitor of myelin phagocytosis for multiple sclerosis and is thought to be beneficial for Alzheimer's, ALS or Parkinson's disease. I must stress that this is early research and is not verified clinical trials. The potential benefit of opti-MY-WISE life would presumably be as a neuroprotective agent for the health of astrocyte structures and myelin sheaths in the brain. Further work is required to test this idea.