FAQs - opti-MY-WISE life®

  • Are these products suitable for healthy people? Yes. However they are more effective for people when their cells are under stress.
  • What else does bilberry do? Bilberry helps with eye health at a different formulation, heart health, brain functioning, age-related cognitive decline, and environmental sensitivities.                                                                                    Are these products scientifically proven? Yes. The active ingredient has verified claims that have passed safety monitoring. Chronic pain improved overtime by 50-100% in 81.17% of people tested. Brain functioning improved overtime by 75-100% in 81.3% of people tested. 
  • Do opti-MY-WISE life products adversely interact with pharmaceuticals. No. Our products support the liver to detoxify so toxicity-driven effects are not possible.
  • I live remotely, can I still receive products? Yes if you can receive postal services.