Chronic Pain - Supplement

During acute pain, messages that signal pain and sensitivity to a painful stimuli (feeling of pain that makes you take your hand off the hot stove) are transmitted between nerve cells by a process called neurotransmission. It is thought that overstimulated neurotransmission, inflammatory pain signals, and oxidative stress are responsible for changing the perception of acute pain into chronic pain. 

Recent analysis of biomarker characteristics of chronic pain show specific antioxidant enzymes are missing and are linked to neurotransmission and inflammation (Gunn et al, 2020). This finding means that supplementation may be of benefit for many people who experience chronic pain. The opti-MY-WISE life Chronic Pain product is scientifically backed to be suitable for this supplementation.    


Gunn J, Hill MM, Cotten BM, Deer TR. An analysis of biomarkers in patients with chronic pain. Pain physician. 2020 Jan 1;23(1):E41-9.