• opti-MY-WISE life® products contain a neuroprotective agent, promoting the health and well-being of nerve cells, structures and tissue. This product is scientifically proven to especially aid recovery in the brain and spinal cord.
  • A clinical trial tested the active ingredient; finding 81.2% of adults improved their chronic pain by 50-100% while taking 2 capsules per a day in addition to usual treatments.
  • A clinical trial testing the active ingredient of Brain Well-Being - opti-MY-WISE life® showed 81.3% of people improved their chronic intrusive thoughts, unusual experiences by at least 75% taking 2 capsules per day as an addition to their usual treatments. Also, 93.75% of people improved their mood over 180 days and anxiety was very significantly improved. Another study reports finding just 0.8% of psychotic symptoms in people regularly taking the active ingredient of Brain Well-Being - opti-MY-WISE life® .    


Gelic: I had a wedge fracture of my back and had to use furniture to help me stand up from the floor. Thank you opti-MY-WISE life. Half an hour after taking the chronic pain capsules I felt free to move around. After 2 weeks, I am gardening. I have now been taking the chronic pain capsules for 5 months and am pain free, moving soil, pushing a heavy wheelbarrow & painting the house.

Helen: My niece is taking 2 capsules of your brain well-being supplement for psychosis and the fixed delusions that she had been in a mental health ward for over the past two years. I can't believe the transformation in my niece over the last month. Thank you opti-MY-WISE life.

Pamela: I have an entrapped nerve in my back and struggled for several days with it. Nothing would work. Then I remembered that I had a bottle of the opti-MY-WISE life chronic pain product. I am at day 4 now and the pain has almost gone, I am now sitting where before that was impossible. I just wanted to thank you. Your chronic pain product is brilliant!