Here at opti-MY-WISE life® our objective is to help humanity while exceeding customer expectations. We hope to inspire you to invest in your health & well-being. We are passionate about supporting you to optimize your quality of life. Our core values at opti-MY-WISE life® are to provide a quality product that is safe, effective and aids recovery. 

Quality and safety:

Our Australian made opti-MY-WISE life® products were manufactured under Good Manufacturing Product guidelines in a facility that meets stringent Australia and New Zealand Therapeutic Goods Administration regulations. We source only the finest ingredients to manufacture opti-MY-WISE life® . The active ingredient of opti-MY-WISE life® has established safety with a variety of pharmaceutical agents through clinical trial monitoring.

The Australian and New Zealand Therapeutic Goods Administration granted AUST L approval for opti-MY-WISE life® and FDA approval under reciprocal arrangements.

As a child, Wendy was fascinated by Egyptology and dreamed on making a discovery one day. Wendy Laupu was educated at James Cook University, Australia receiving her PhD in 2015. In 2008, Wendy started looking for a natural supplement that could support quality of life for people living with chronic schizophrenia. It took Wendy 11 years to research, test, then develop her idea. Along the way she discovered healthy nerve cells, tissues and structures are critical for managing chronic mood, anxiety, unusual experiences, chronic pain, and multiple chemical sensitivity. Her supplement was so effective in clinical trials that Wendy was approached afterwards by study participants and encouraged to establish opti-MY-WISE life®