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Environmental Sensitivities

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Environmental sensitivities - opti-MY-WISE life® is a NATURAL PRODUCT. The health of our sensory nerve cells is important for how we perceive odors, interpret sounds, see light and feel the world around us. Our sensory nerve cells process the information from our environment. Research indicates that multiple chemical sensitivities arise from damage to the nerve cells of sensory organs. 

Environmental sensitivities - opti-MY-WISE life® is essential for healthier sensory nerves, which process information from the environment and defend against environmental stressors.

BENEFITS: A clinical trial found, Environmental sensitivities - opti-MY-WISE life® enhances nerve conduction, neurotransmission for healthier nerve cells to aid recovery for people who experience intolerance to laundry detergents, sensitivities to light, sound, energy, perfumes, electromagnetics, council sprays, cigarette smoke, petrol fumes.

  • opti-MY-WISE life® contains a neuroprotective agent to promote the health and well-being of sensory nerve cells,
  • aids defense against environmental stressors,
  • assists the body to cope with environmental stress,
  • aids natural detoxification processes in the liver,
  • supports energy production in cell mitochondria for cellular health and well-being,
  • antioxidant activity to reduce free radicals.

RECOMMENDED DOSE: Take 2-4 capsules per day to aid recovery and optimize life.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: 17.95mg bilberry anthocyanins (Vaccinium myrillus L). This product contains lactose. Contains: whey protein isolate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium steerate, colloidal anhydrous silica. AUST L 321550

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place.